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The Rooftop Tent Platform/Stand/Support free standing platform allows your vehicle to stand alone when camping.

Free your vehicle and enjoy being able to explore without packing and unpacking your tent everytime. Are you tired of being pinned down and not being able to leave the camp in the event of sudden spontaneous action nearby (like a lion kill)? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hop in your vehicle and catch the action immediately?

Rooftop Tent Platform
The Rooftop Tent Platform - click the button below to view an Introductory Video


Enjoy the convenience of erecting your roof top tent ONCE ONLY  at your campsite.  Drive away with peace of mind, knowing that your campsite is secure and that your tent is already erected on your return.

Rooftop Tent Platform

We have designed and manufactured a system that is quick and easy to erect. It requires one easy modification and can be fitted to any make of tent or roof rack. 

  • 20 minutes to erect
  • 20 minutes to dismantle
  • DIY, and easy to transport
  • Sturdy and strong, safety tests have been carried out to 550 kg
For more information contact:

+27 (0)83 408 3895 (Tono)